Why choose a winter event?

  • With the logistical details taken care of, a winter event is both exciting and rewarding
  • Skiing is a participation sport that provides a great ‘bonding’ medium
  • An excellent standard of short haul destinations exist which not only reduces travelling time but also cost
  • Excellent international scheduled flight access via Zurich, Geneva, Munich, Lyon, Turin or Milan
  • Many winter resorts have a very prestigious image, giving a high perceived incentive value
  • Good standard of hotel accommodation
  • Skiers of all levels of ability will be happy to return to the slopes again and again
  • Many resorts offer very good activity options for non-skiers
  • Ski resorts often boast a vibrant nightlife
  • If you need to hold a short haul overseas event in Q1 of the year, a ski resort is the ideal solution

What size of group?

The average number of guests for a ski event is between 30 and 50 – this size of event enables the programme to work very well logistically, provides a good social ‘ambience’ and is cost effective.

In general, we work on a minimum group size of 15 people; however, budget permitting, we can work with smaller numbers.

We have also managed many large events with numbers over 100 so large groups are certainly possible.

Which Resort?

The choice of resort is influenced by your requirements relating to the following:

  • Duration of event
  • Number of guests
  • Transfer time from the airport to the resort
  • Quality and availability of accommodation
  • Number of non-skiers
  • Nightlife
  • Date of travel combined with likely snow conditions
  • Conference requirements
  • Budget

When we take a brief from you, the above details will assist us to produce the best solution for your event.

What time of year?

The European and North American winter seasons for most resorts run between the beginning of December to the end of April.

Care should be taken to avoid school and Easter holidays. It is also key to ensure that snow-sure resorts (high- altitude) are chosen for events held early or late in the season.

In a small number of European resorts, a one or two night stay is possible; however three or four night stays are more common.

Although some hotels offer minimum stays of 5-7 nights only, we have long established relationships with many properties who are consequently prepared to offer us shorter stays for our corporate guests.

What about non-skiers?

We can certainly propose and select resorts which offer more than just skiing so if you are aware of the likelihood of having non-skiers within your group then do let us know.

Activities which we can organise may include:

  • Tobogganing
  • Snow shoeing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Curling
  • Paragliding
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Wine tasting
  • Spa treatments

In addition to this, please check out our ‘Winter Alternatives’ section for more great ideas.

What do I do now?

Contact us with your enquiry!

Please go the Contact Us page, call us on +44(0)208 542 8100 or email us at ski@vantagepoint.co.uk