Winter Alternatives

There is no doubt that a three-day trip to the Alps is an unbeatable experience, however, for some there is more to a winter event than just skiing. We have therefore developed a portfolio of destinations where the emphasis is on a winter experience that is not solely focused on skiing or snowboarding. See below for further information.


Iceland and the capital city Reykjavik is a ‘Hot Spot’ not only due to the bars and night-clubs, but also geothermically. Iceland lies on the Mid-Atlantic ridge and due to the young age of the land (16 to 20 million years) there are a number of hot springs around the country. As a result, 90% of the population enjoys geothermal heating and hot water!


The island is serviced by 2 main airlines, BA and Icelandair. Between them there are 3 daily flights each way. Once on the island, the transfer time from the airport to the city centre is 30 minutes.


Key activities

  • Super Jeep Safaris: Iceland is well known for its specially adapted jeeps which are able to cope with the challenging terrain. In teams of 4 to 6 people a full day excursion is arranged to visit some of the natural wonders that the country has to offer. These will include the Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfalls and Geysirs and the Hengill mountain area. Activities during the day will include a one hour snow safari by snow mobile and an outdoor seafood buffet.
  • Swimming in the Blue Lagoon: Featured on the front cover of most Icelandic travel brochures, this is a unique hot spring pool of cobalt blue water.
  • Horse Riding: Icelandic horses are much smaller than elsewhere and are very surefooted.
  • Whale Watching: Whale watching tours can be combined with sea angling and puffin watching. The high season for whale watching starts in April and lasts until mid-October. However, many whales stay in the Icelandic waters throughout the year.
  • River Rafting: Hit the rapids in Iceland! Ranging from fairly tame waterways to more extreme rivers, Iceland’s white water beg to be tackled.

There are numerous restaurants on offer in Reykjavik. Of particular note is the famous Perlan restaurant which is located on top of six old hot water storage tanks, giving wonderful views over the city. The restaurant rotates and an artificial geyser spouts every few minutes. Reykjavik is well known for its vibrant nightlife, with trendy bars and clubs open until the early hours of the morning.


Lillehammer has superb facilities and is ideal for groups looking for something different. Of the three locations offered in the Winter Alternatives programme, Lillehammer is one of the only locations where there is good downhill skiing as well as a host of other activities.


Flight access is via Oslo. From London alone there are over 10 flights per day. On arrival the transfer time to Lillehammer is a comfortable 2 hour drive through some stunning scenery.


Key Activities

  • The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: The ceremony that took place in 1994 was deemed the best that has ever taken place. The setting around the ski jump is unique and versatile. An ideal way to launch your event!
  • The bobsleigh, bob raft and skeleton: The ice luge is man made and electronically cooled. The luge is therefore operational for much longer periods during the season. Depending on group size and availability, it is possible to experience the track in all three ways. Finish up with lunch in a huge double teepee.
  • Snowmobile tours: During your stay you can spend a day at the Olympic Park. In between runs down the ice luge you can take snow safari tours in the area.
  • Biathlon shooting and dog sleigh rides: The Biathlon Park is an ideal area to experience the challenge of both biathlon shooting as well as the thrill of harnessing the endless energy of husky dogs.
  • Skiing: About 20 minutes drive from Lillehammer is the resort of Hafjell, where new lifts were installed in 2006 to enhance an excellent ski area. While not to be compared with Alpine resorts, the area is large enough for just 1 or 2 days of challenging skiing.


Living with snow and ice through the winter months is something that has been hewn to a fine art. You will be able to see first hand the beauty and excitement of this wonderful part of the world.  Lapland is only really suitable for smaller groups. Generally the best group sizes will be up to 40 people. Many of the best hotels are small so you may need to consider some twin occupancy rooms. There is limited flight access, so the most suitable group will be an internal team who are all able to travel on the same flights.


Key activities:

  • Snowmobile airport transfers: Travelling by snowmobile is standard practice and these machines will be used throughout the programme. Travelling by snowmobile straight from the airport is a unique experience.
  • Icebreaker Sampo: Not only will you be able to experience life aboard the icebreaker and understand the important role it plays, but you will also dress in a dry suit and take a swim in the freezing waters!
  • Take a sauna: having a sauna is part of the way of life in Lapland and will certainly feature in your itineraries.
  • Dinner or Overnight in the Snow Hotel: Sleeping on a bed of ice is a unique experience. If this sounds a little harsh then don’t worry, with the addition of drinks and dinner under the stars,  this really is a wonderful experience!
  • Rally Driving: Learn how to drive on the ice and snow both with a professional as well as taking the wheel yourself.
  • Dog sledding and reindeer rides:  Lapland is a perfect location to experience this exciting mode of transport. With 6 dogs per team and two people per sled you will learn how to drive the team and most importantly how to make them stop! The Lappish Reindeer herder will teach you the secrets of reindeer harnessing.